Ramleela 2018 Performance Schedule

Ramleela performances begin this week in communities across the country and will continue over the next two weeks.
This sacred drama tells the story of the life of Lord Rama – the seventh avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu. ‘Leela’ is an alternate spelling of the Sanskrit word ‘lila’ meaning play. The Leela performed in Trinidad was originally created by the 17th Century saint poet Tulsidas.
Ramleela is an epic tale of love, loss, betrayal and the triumph of good over evil which takes place over several nights and is part of Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural landscape thanks to our North Indian ancestors who brought this ancient tradition of community theatre to our shores from their far flung homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Ramleela is another example of the transformative power of masquerade, drama, song and dance.
If you’re going to see one of the performances, please note that while these are free public shows performers spend weeks in fasting and meditation. The performance area is sacred and you may be asked to remove your shoes if you want to get a closer look.
Please refrain from alcohol consumption at performing spaces and be mindful and respectful of etiquette regarding clothing and other guidelines set by groups.

Click here for the National Ramleela Council Schedule 2018