#MediationMatters – Building Healthy Family Life in 2018

Defining family

The family is where you put down your first roots, where you form your most lasting impressions, where you put together the building blocks of your character, and where you determine whether you will view life through the eyes of prejudice or acceptance. Family is where you learn to laugh and where you are allowed to weep without losing respect. Family is where you learn how to share, how to relate, and how to treat other people. Family is where you learn how to interpret your surroundings correctly. It is where you discover how to draw the line between right and wrong, between good and evil.

Formulating a plan to achieve a desired result is the main ingredient towards a Purposeful Family Life.

Community Mediation Services Division offers the following Tips for building Healthy Family Life in 2018

Healthy Families:

Comprise members who are committed to one another.

Spend time together.

Enjoy open, frequent communication.

Turn inward during times of crisis.

Express affirmation and encouragement often.

Share a spiritual commitment.

Are households where each person trusts the others and values the trust he has earned.

Spend Quality Time Together.

Develop Private Jokes for 2018 (Laugh)

Demonstrate Flexibility and Relaxation because mental health is significant.

Use gentle words and the inside voice in discussions on serious matters and outside voice on hilarious matters.

Listen actively to each other.

Allow space for Individualization and Independence.

Show Affection and are committed to the family.


Parental Support Groups

North Main Mediation Centre:                                   3rd Tuesday of every month- 4:30 pm

San Juan Mediation Sub-Centre:                               Last Thursday of every month- 4:30 pm

Central Main Mediation Centre (Cunupia):             Last Wednesday of every month- 5:00 pm

East Main Mediation Centre (Arima):                       2nd Tuesday of every month- 5:00 pm

Toco PSG (Balandra Community Centre):                2nd Wednesday of every month- 5:00pm

Point Fortin Main Mediation Centre:                        3rd or 4th Thursday every month- 12:00 pm