Community Mediation Centres

Our approved structure comprises one head office and twenty centres of three different types and sizes, main centres, district centres and sub-centres. These centres are arranged in six clusters along the limits of the Regional Corporations. The following geographic areas are to be served by the various centres:

  1. North, comprising Port-of-Spain, Diego Martin, San Juan/ Laventille
  2. North East, comprising Tunapuna/Piarco and Arima
  3. East/South East, comprising Sangre Grande, Mayaro/Rio Claro
  4. South, comprising San Fernando, Princes Town, Penal/Debe
  5. South West, comprising Siparia and Point Fortin
  6. Central, comprising Chaguanas, Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo

Types of centres

The three types of centres consist of:

Main centres – administration of the region and coordination of all mediation activities within that region.

District centres – located in selected communities, providing a complete range of mediation services.

Sub centres – established to support the activities of the region as determined by the population size.

Location of centres

The approved distribution of centres is as follows:

  1. North
    Main Centre One – Port-of-Spain
    District Centres Two – Laventille and Morvant
    Sub-Centres Three – San Juan, Cocorite and Diego Martin
  2. East
    Main Centre One – Arima
    District Centres Two – Maloney and La Horquetta
    Sub-Centre One – Tunapuna
  3. North East
    Main Centre One – Sangre Grande
    Sub-Centres Two -Toco and Mayaro and Rio Claro
  4. Central
    Main Centre One – Cunupia
    Sub-Centres Two – Chaguanas and Couva
  5. South
    Main Centre One – San Fernando
    Sub-Centre One – Penal or Debe
  6. South West
    Main Centre One – Point Fortin
    Sub-Centre One – Cedros or Icacos

Offices and Centres in operation

To date the following community mediation offices have been established:

  1. Head Office is located at 51-55, Frederick Street, Port of Spain
  2. North Main Mediation Centre is also located at 51-55, Frederick Street, Port of Spain
  3. San Juan Sub-Centre is located at the MTS Plaza, Aranguez, San Juan
  4. Central Main Mediation Centre is located at 282, Old Southern Main Road, Warrenville, Cunupia
  5. Couva Sub-Centre is located at the Couva Social Services Centre
  6. South West Main Mediation Centre is located at 63-63A, Main Road, Point Fortin
  7. East Main Mediation Centre is housed at the Pennywise Building at 10, Devenish Street, Arima.
  8. The Penal/Debe Sub-Centre is temporarily housed at the South West Main Mediation Centre in Point Fortin.