Community Facilities

Community Centres

Community Centres are meeting places aimed at creating connected and well‐networked communities by providing a venue for a number of community activities including:

  1. Recreational Activities
  1. Social Gatherings
  1. Community/Group Meetings
  1. Training And Development for leaders and potential leaders
  1. Community Education Programmes for personal development and self‐employment
  1. Public Fora
  1. Dissemination of information on national, regional and international issues
  1. Development and exposure of our indigenous cultural art forms


Target Audience: Individuals, Community Groups, Charitable Organisations and other groups

Requirements to Access Service: Contact District Offices for information on reservations or bookings


Name of Community Centre Location
Balmain Main Road, Balmain, Couva
Campoo Mt. Plasir Road, Cunupia
Carapichaima Sampson Street, Carapichaima
Caroni New Street, Caroni
Chaguanas Mark Street Extension, Saith Park, Chaguanas
Chickland Chickland Village, Upper Carapichaima
Felicity Boundary Road, Felicity
Flanagin Town Mamoral Road, Flanagin Town


Frederick  Settlement Arbuche Street,  Frederick Settlement
Freeport/St Mary’s Beaucarro Road, Freeport, St. Mary’s
Indian Trail Indian Trail Road
La Paille Tullock Street, La Paille
La Quesa La Quesa Road, Freeport
Las Lomas #2 Caroni South Bank Road, Las Lomas #2
Lisas Gardens Baliser Avenue, Lisas Gardens, Couva
Longdenville St. Cyr Street, Longdenville
Longdenville North East Rattance Trace, Longdenville
Munroe Road Munroe Road Land Settlement
Oplay Esperanza Esperanza  Village, Couva
Orange Valley Bay Road, Orange Valley
Perseverance/Couva Main Road, Perseverance, Couva
Preysal Sealy Trace West, Polo Ground Road, Preysal, Couva
Roystonia Roystonia, Couva
Spring Vale Mt. Pleasant/Forres PARK, Springvale, Couva
Spring Village Greig Street, Balmain, Couva
Tabaquite Tabaquite Main Road
Todd’s Road Main Road, Todd’s Road
Union Union Village, Couva
Waterloo Waterloo Road, Carapichaima



Name of Community Centre Location
Biche Baptiste Street, Settlement Village, Biche
Boos Corner Hibiscus Arch and Ecclesville Road,


¼ mm Rio Claro Mayaro Old Road

Brothers Road LP #1, 1 mm Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brother’s Road, Rio Claro
Cushe 21 ¾ mm School Street, Cunapo Sothern Main Road, Cushe Village, Rio Claro
Dades Trace 1 ½ mm Dades Road, Rio Claro
Fonrose Ramnanan Street, Fonrose Village, Poole
Guayaguayare LP #61 Ferrier Circular Road, Guayaguayare
La Savanne 9 ¾ mm Warrick Street, New Lands Village, La Savanne,  Guayaguayare
Libertville Old Mayaro Road, Libertville
Mafeking 37 ½ mm Naparima Mayaro Road, Mafeking Village, Mayaro
Mayaro Civic Centre Plaisance Road, Mayaro
Navet 751 Cunapo Southern Road, Navet Village, Rio Claro
Ortoire 51 mm Point Radix Road Extension, Manzanilla Mayaro Road, Ortoire Village, Mayaro
Radix Corner Gould & Cemetery Street, Guayaguayare Main Road, Mayaro
Rio Claro Nathai Street, Naparima Mayaro Road, Rio Claro



Name of Community Centre Location
Brooklyn Mc Gillvary Road, Brooklyn, Upper Sangre Grande
Coryal Coyal Village, Coryal
Cumana 23 ¾ mm Cumana
Cunaripo Guaico Tamana Road, Cunaripo
Four Roads, Tamana Four Roads, Tamana
Gordon Miller 4 mm North Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande
Grande Riviere Paria Main Road, Grande Riviere
Guaico Tamana 10 ½ mm Guaico Tamana Road
Manzanilla Eastern Main Road, Manzanilla
Maraj Hill Cunapo Southern Main Road, Maraj Hill, Upper Sangre Grande
Matelot Matelot Village, Matelot
Matura 10mm Toco Main Road, Mendoza Trace, Matura
Montevideo Montevideo Trace, Montevideo
Nestor LP #171 Nestor Village via Sangre Grande
North Manzanilla Eastern Main Road, Manzanilla
Plum Mitan Plum Mitan Road, Plum Mitan
Rampanalgas Rampanalgas Village, Toco Main Road, Balandra
Sangre Chiquito Shivan Drive, Sangre Chiquito
Sangre Grande Civic Centre Sukhram Street, Sangre Grande
Sans Souci Paria Mian Road, San Souci


St. Helena St. Helena Village, Matelot
Toco Regional Complex Cemetary Street, Toco
Upper Sangre Grande Eastern Main Road, Upper Sangre Grande
Valencia Quare Road, Valencia
Vega de Oropouche 3 ½ mm Toco Main Road



Name of Community Centre Location
Arima 3 Angelica Street, Arima
Bon Air West Cor. Blue Mussel and Cone Shell Drive, Bon Air
Carapo O’Meara Ferry Road, Carapo
La Seiva 2 Community Centre Road, La Seiva
Malabar Malabar Main Road
Morne La Croix 14 mm Blanchissuese Road
Pinto Road 1 Pinto Road, Arima
Spring Village Kalpoo Street, Spring Village
St. Augustine Freeman Road, St. Augustine
St. Joseph Market Street, St. Joseph
Surrey 2 ¼ mm Surrey Village, Lopinot
Tacarigua Bally Street, Tacarigua
Tunapuna Centenary Street, Tunapuna
Wharf Trace Wharf Trace



Name of Community Centre Location
7th Avenue Malick Upper 7th Avenue Malick, Barataria
Aranguez Mahelal Street, Aranguez
Bagatelle Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin
Bamboo Grove #3 17 First Street, Bamboo Settlement #3
Barataria Complex 3rd Avenue, Barataria
Beausejour Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin
Belle Vue LP #9 Belle Vue Terrace, Long Circular
Belmont 47 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont
Bourg Mulatresse Bourg Mulatresse, Lower Santa Cruz
Cantaro Cor. James & Charles Streets, Cantaro Village, Upper Santa Cruz
Carenage Complex Crown Trace, Carenage
Cascade Cascade Valley Road
Central Diego Martin Jasper Avenue, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Chinapoo Laventille Ext. Road, Chinapoo Village, Morvant
Febeau Laventille Road, Febeau Village, San Juan
Gonzales 4 Upper Quarry Circular Road, Gonzales
La Pastora Cor. Capriata & La Pastora Road, Upper Santa Cruz
La Sieva Pistol and Rifle Range Road, La Sieva Road, Maraval
Laventille Complex Eastern main Road, Laventille
Laventille Extension, Never Dirty 7 Angelina Terrace, Never Dirty, Morvant


Malick Upper 6th Avenue Malick, Barataria
Maraval Morne Coco Road, Maraval
Misir St Francois Valley Road, Morvant
Mt. D’or Mt. D’or Road, Champ Fleur
Mt. Hope/Mt. Lambert Community Drive, Mt. Lambert
North Diego Martin Church Street, Diego Martin
Patna River Estate Macaw Drive, River Estate, Diego Martin
Petit Valley Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley
Quarry Drive Quarry Drive, Champ Fleurs
Red Hill Corbin Terrace, Upper St. Barbs Road
Shende Street LP #73 Shende Street Ext., Sunshine Avenue, San Juan
Sogren Trace Sogren Trace, Upper Laventille Road, East Dry River
South Diego Martin Senor Street, Diego Martin
South East Port of Spain Complex Laventille Road, Laventille
South Port of Spain 69‐ 81 George Street, Port of Spain
St. Barbs Central Upper St Barbs Road, Belmont
St. Joseph 25 St Joseph Road, Port of Spain
Straker Straker Village, Straker
Success Central Marcella  Street, Laventille
Trou Macaque Corner Trou Macaque & Pelican Ext., Laventille
Upper Bournes Road Upper Bournes Road, St. James



Name of Community Centre Location
Penal Central Community Centre Street, Clarke Road, Penal
Clarke Rochard Rochard Road, Penal
Katwaroo Trace Katwaroo Trace, Penal
Penal Rock Road 4mm 3 ¼ mm Rock Road
Lachoos Road Lachoos Road, Penal
Morne Diablo Scotts Road, Morne Diablo
Mendez Mendez Village via Siparia
Siparia Grell Street, Siparia
Thick Village (Shell) Thick Village, Siparia Old Road
South Oropuche Tito Hill, South Oropouche
Fyzabad Guapo Road, Fyzabad
Dalley’s Village Community Centre Street, Dalley’s Village, Santa Flora
Sobo Sobo Village, La Brea
Palo Seco, Los Charos SS Erin Road, Palo Seco
Palo Seco Settlement Wilson Street, Beach Road, Palo Seco
Erin St. Francis Village, Erin
Rancho Quemado SS Erin Road, Rancho Quemado
Buenos Ayres (Shell) Jackson Trace, Buenos Ayres
Cap‐de‐Ville School Street, Cap‐de‐Ville, Main Road
Fanny Village E Street, Fanny Village, Point Fortin
Point Fortin (Breakfast Shed) 1‐3 Churchill Road, La Fortune Estate, Point



Techier Techier Main Road, Techier Village, Point Fortin
Chatham Beach Road, South Chatham
Granville Syphoo Trace, Granville Village Cedros
Cedros Bonasse Village, Cedros
Guapo Gonzales Village, Guapo, Point Fortin
Vance River 6 Road, Vance River, Point Fortin
Vessigny (Shell) Vessigny Village
Lot 10 Lot 10 Village, Parrylands Road, Guapo
La Brea Point D’or, Point Sable Road, La Brea
Rousillac Happy Hill Road, Southern Main Road, Rousillac
Mondesir Mondesir Delhi Road, Fyzabad
New Village Pilgrim Street, New Village, Point Fortin



Name of Community Centre Location
Basse Terre 1827 Basse Terre, Moruga Road
Cunjal Cunjal Road, Barrackpore
La Lune 40 G La Lune Village, Moruga
Lower Brother’s Road Torrib/Tabaquite Road, New Grant
Manahambre Hope Road, Manahambre, Princes Town
Princes Town Knolly Street, Princes Town
Sister’s Road Corner Nuckcheddy & Sister’s Road, New Grant
St Croix 4MM St Croix Road, Princes Town
Valley Line Barrackpore
Williamsville Kent Street, Williamsville



Name of Community Centre Location
Caratal #2 281 Caratal Road, Maryland, Gaparillo
Cocoyea St. Andrew’s Park, West Cocoyea
Debe Wellington Road, Debe
Diamond Picton Street off Papourie Road, Diamond
Embacadere Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando
Esperance Regional Complex Derryck Road, Esperance
Friendship Cipero Road, Friendship Village
Gasparillo 121 Bonne Aventure Main Road, Gasparillo
Golconda Golconda Road
Hermitage Dumfries Road, Hermitage Village
Hermitage/Macaulay Macaulay Road, Claxton Bay
La Fortune Lot 33, La Fortune Road
La Romaine Lucky Street, La Romaine
Marabella Market Street, Gopaul Lands, Marabella
Mayo 1 Palm Street West Mayo Village
Mon Repos Complex Tyler Smith Street, Mon Repos
Petite Morne 7 Hibiscus Street, Petite Morne Settlement
Piparo LP 76 Pascal Road, Piparo
Plaisance Park Long Circular Road, Plaisance PARK, Pointe a Pierre
Pleasantville Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville
Rambert Cedar Grove Road, Rambert Village, La Romaine


Reform Main Road, Reform
St. Charles St. Charles Road, St Charles
St. John’s St. John’s Street, St. John’s
St. Margaret’s 20 Hermitage Road, St Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay
Ste Madeline Regional Complex Ste Madeline Circular Road
Tortuga 382 Mayo Road, Tortuga
Union Union Recreation Ground Trace, Union Village, Claxton Bay
Vistabella Regional Complex Seventh Street Vistabella
Whiteland Whiteland Junction, Whiteland
Woodland La Fortune Road, Woodland