The incumbent is required to provide technical support in the operations and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure of the Minist ry/ Department under the guidance and direction of a supervisor. Duties includ e: installation and support of personal computers and related software; monitoring the operations of the Ministry/Department’s IT and networking infrastructur e; assisting wi th the installation of computer and netw orking infrastruct ure and r esponding to and

addressing IT incident reports and requests for help.

REPORTS TO: Designated Specialist
•      Installs or removes hardware and/or software, using defined installation instructions and tools; tests and corrects malfunctions, and documents results in accordance with procedure; provides assistance to users in accordance with agreed procedures; and updates related maintenance and configuration records.

•      Treats with security  breaches of  or security attacks on IT system/network/personal computer  to   limit

damage in accordance with the Ministry/Department’s security policy; and applies defined security controls to personal computers and related components

•         Monitors   and  logs  the   actual   ICT  services   provided   to   users,  against  that  required   by  service level

agreements and liaises with supervisors in  the  resolution of any breaches.

•      Assists professional staff with the release and deployment of changes and updates to the live IT environment, records activities and results and assists with early support activities such as providing support advice to users.

•      Investigates and acts on minor security breaches with the IT infrastructure, takes defined corrective action,

and updates relevant security records and documentation  in accordance with  established procedures.

•      Receives and handles service desk and incident management requests for IT and networking infrastructure support following agreed procedures, and maintains relevant records.

•         Carries out agreed operation al procedures of a routine nature; and contributes to maintenance, installation and problem resolution for the IT and netw orking infrastructure of the organi sation.

•      Assists with the perf ormance of regular backups and restores and tracks off site st orage , according to agreed operational procedures.

•         Performs other related duties as assigned.

KNOWLEDGE: •          Knowledge of defined components of IT and networking infrastructure.

•      Some knowledge of the principles, tools and techniques required for the management and control of ICT within a government based or business organisation.

•         Some knowledge of pro ject management tools and t echniques.




JOB TITLE                                 COMPANY MANAGER

REPORTS TO:                          Board of Management

SUPERVISES:                          Artistic Director

                                                      Corporate Services Coordinator

                                                      Senior Researcher

KEY LIAISONS:                      N/A


JOB SUMMARY: The Company Manager facilitates the development of the National Theatre Arts Company and ensures that its aims and objectives are met. He/she directs the planning and oversees the implementation of operations and arrangements so that artistic vision of the Company is realised. He/she has responsibility for the day-to-day operations including finance, marketing, development, planning, general administration and human resources the Company. He/she advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Management.


Major Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the execution of Board decisions by acting as the primary staff liaison, making policy recommendations and providing avenues for Board participation in accomplishing the vision and mission.
  • Develop, administer and review Company’s plans and policies, with particular reference to detailed financial forecasting, risk analysis, marketing & audience development, overall operational planning and monitoring arrangements.
  • Monitor the financial well-being of the Company, ensuring that budgets are adhered to; that effective financial systems and procedures are in place; that revenue is maximised; and’ that there is timely and accurate reporting to the Board.
  • Work closely with the Artistic Director to develop and monitor annual and production/project budgets and to monitor progress against financial targets.
  • Work in partnership with the Artistic Director to manage and produce the Company’s programming and schedule of work.
  • Lead the human resource functions including the development, management, and, employment policies and practices
  • Manage the Company’s assets including administrative and IT systems, equipment and material, premises and vehicles.
  • Undertake strategies for developing audiences for the artistic work, through aligning artistic outputs to marketing, communications and public relations strategies.
  • Supervise the conceptualisation, review and strengthening of marketing strategies to promote, the Company’s identity and reputation.
  • Procure services of external agencies and/or consultant to examine, review, audit and investigate operations, methods, policies and procedures.

Skills, knowledge and ability

  • Advanced oral and written communication skills
  • Advanced organisational and administrative skills.
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Advanced supervisory skills.
  • Advanced negotiating skills.
  • Derailed knowledge of strategic planning and management.
  • Derailed knowledge of research tools and procedures.
  • Derailed knowledge of sound financial practice, procedures and systems.
  • Working knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Working knowledge of theory and practice of contemporary performance and productions.
  • Working knowledge of supervisory practices and principles.
  • General knowledge of the performing arts.
  • General knowledge of the stage production process.
  • General knowledge of a range of computer applications including word-processing, databases, media and web technologies
  • Able to provide leadership in a creative environment.
  • Able to inspire and work with a team.

Education and training

  • Post-graduate qualifications in performing arts administration, programme management, project management or a related field.


  • Experience in financial management and budget control particularly in the public sector.
  • Experience of the preparation and monitoring of budgets and of production and presentation of financial reports.
  • Experience of developing and implementation strategic/business plans.
  • Experience of administration in a fast-paced, creative environment.